Malvern United Methodist Church
Saturday, April 19, 2014
Open Minds, Open Hearts, Open Doors

Greetings from the Malvern United Methodist Church!

We welcome you to the Malvern United Methodist Church nestled in the beautiful village of Malvern, PA.  We are a unique, intimate faith community made up of a diversity of ages, interest, and lifestyles.  This diversity makes for a vibrant, caring, and authentic place to worship as a fith community.  We are an energetic and inclusive community that is accepting of all people.
We also celebrate the gifts and graces in this faith community that relates our spiritual journey to everyday life.  These include:
  •      Developing our Christian faith in ways that connects and engages people in service to others.
  •      Praying for each other daily. 
  •    Celebrating children and youth and providing them with a nurturing Christian Education program.
  •     Supporting community initiatives that assist and support people in need.
  •     Responding to people in natural disasters through Church World Service and other organizations.
As your pastor, my committment is to support and develop relationships that sustain us in all walks of life knowing that God is with us!  We strengthen each other through worship, preaching, teaching and a keen awareness of our responsibility to be a more compassionate and loving faith community.
If you would like to contact me, you can to do so via e-mail at: or call 610-353-1759.
Peace and Grace,
Pastor Jim